The World Premiere of the TransVagina Diaries

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Produced by the National Organization for Women Hollywood Chapter and co-sponsored by the City of West Hollywood

West Hollywood, CA, October 26, 2022 — With more than 155 anti-transgender pieces of legislation brought to state legislators this year; only 15 states have resisted the current anti-LGBTQ climate within statehouses, including California. These anti-trans laws provide felony and misdemeanor offenses for providing life-saving care for both trans kids and trans adults.

With a commitment to center transgender and intersex voices, especially the BIPOC community; the City of West Hollywood is co-sponsoring the World Premiere of The TransVagina Diaries, created by Lindsey Deaton and produced by the National Organization for Women Hollywood Chapter at 7:30 pm Saturday November 5th and 7:30 pm Sunday November 6th in the City of West Hollywood City Council Chambers, 625 N San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069. These two performances are free and open to the public. The link for tickets is

‘For the record, no one has shared these stories. Live. In front of an audience,’ says Lindsey Deaton, the Creator and Artistic Director of the TransVagina Diaries.

‘Up unto this point in time, transgender and intersex people have been forbidden to discuss them in public because of all of the violence and politics that go with it. Any artistic discussion, performance, display or exhibition of trans/intersex or non-binary people’s privates has been just that.’

‘Private. Taboo. Shunned.’

The writers and performers of the TransVagina Diaries are B. Lindsey Deaton, Creator and Artistic Director; Blossom C. Brown, Brody Fitzpatrick, Celia Sandhya Daniels, Grey Jean, Khindrid Sol, Lee Te, Luckie Alexander, Sydney Rogers aka Miss Barbie-Q and Sheena Metal.

One of the goals of the production is for trans and intersex artists to take their bodies back; to exercise their right and privilege to sing, create and talk about them openly; to share their own unique stories and experiences musically and visually while at the same time fiercely empowering trans voices and using them as agents of change.

‘It’s crucial to create inclusive spaces and major roles on main stages for professional trans and non-binary performers’, shares Lindsey Deaton.

‘The love that ultimately bonds us one to one another should not be threatened in any way by cultural and societal norms of gender identity or gender expression. The wonderful, multi faceted rainbow that is humanity is perfect in all of its manifestations; including yours, ours and mine.’

For more information, visit the City of West Hollywood website or contact For tickets:

The TransVagina Diaries: It’s time for our voices to be heard.

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