“A creator, artistic director, public servant, and fierce LGBTQ advocate Lindsey Deaton can now add host to her impressive list of achievements.

Recently, she put out a six-episode podcast series called the TransVagina Dialogues, with the objective for people within the trans, nonbinary, and intersex communities to take back control of their bodies. Up until this point, these stories haven’t been widely shared, and some individuals consider these topics too taboo to discuss. Deaton hopes everyone will exercise their right and privilege to talk openly about their bodies, and through honest and forthright discussions, they will recognize and honor the humanity within us all.

In each episode, Deaton and her guest explores a deep, personal account of mental, physical, and spiritual transitional experiences including gender dysphoria, decisions to choose medical treatments or not, health concerns and needs of transmasculine vaginas, post-gender-affirmation surgery phantoms, surprising bathroom experiences, and much more.”

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the TransVagina Dialogues